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FirstRate5® house energy rating software

FirstRate5® is an easy-to-use interactive tool with a graphic user interface that enables designers and thermal performance assessors to generate energy ratings for a home by tracing over floor plans. The software integrates the AccuRate calculation engine to estimate the annual heating and cooling energy and can be used to rate an existing design or as an interactive tool to optimise the design beyond compliance.
Latest News​

New licensing model to be introduced on 1 May 2014

by FR5 | Mar 05, 2014
Following consultation with FirstRate5 users and industry groups, Sustainability Victoria will be introducing a new licensing model for FirstRate5, effective from 1 May 2014.

The new licensing model uses an online certificate generation system and users will need to purchase credits in order to generate a compliance certificate.

From 1 May 2014 the cost to purchase a certificate will be set at $20 (exc. GST) for new homes; $10 (exc. GST) for existing homes; and $10 (exc. GST) for alterations and additions.

The new licensing model is designed to deliver improved technical support services and software enhancements for FirstRate5 users.

 Read more about the new licensing model and industry consultation here.             

Make sure your business is ready

• If you haven’t already done so, download the latest version of FR5 (v5.1.10) which includes the online certificate generation system.

• To help transition to the new model, you will be able to use the online certificate generation system and purchase credits free of charge until the end of April 2014.

• Read the FAQs to find out more information on the new licensing model and other new features of the software, including QR codes, delegation abilities and automatic back up of certificates.

• FirstRate5 v5.1.9c will expire at the end of April 2014. If you are still using v5.1.9c you are strongly encouraged to download v5.1.10 and familiarise yourself with the new online certificate generation system before the new licensing model is introduced on 1 May 2014.