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Green Roof in the City wins Premier's Sustainability Award

by FirstRate5 | Nov 04, 2016

St Kilda East group known as '38 Westbury Street' has won the Built Environment category in the 2016 Premier's Sustainability Awards for their Green Roof in the City program.

This motivated and talented group of residents retrofitted a new garden and leisure space that offer not only a sanctuary but simple sustainable solutions to assist with water management, resource efficiency and energy savings.

38 Westbury Street (1)

The green roof reduces storm water run-off, retains rainwater in the substrate and increases the quality of water run-off whilst reducing flash flooding. It absorbs heat and provides insulation - lowering energy bills, it also absorbs sound pollution and traps the distribution of pollutants, increases plant life to encourage biodiversity and reconnects people to nature - now a space where children play, adults barbeque and friends entertain.

Residents have transformed their apartment building roof top into a stunning green upstairs backyard - bringing functionality, sustainability, nature and community together.

Premier's Sustainability Awards' winners were announced at the awards ceremony on Thursday 20 October at the Plaza Ballroom, in Melbourne.

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