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FirstRate5® house energy rating software

FirstRate5® is an easy-to-use interactive tool with a graphic user interface that enables designers and thermal performance assessors to generate energy ratings for a home by tracing over floor plans. The software integrates the AccuRate calculation engine to estimate the annual heating and cooling energy and can be used to rate an existing design or as an interactive tool to optimise the design beyond compliance.

Latest news

Release of FR5 v5.3.2b (3.21) & FR5 2022 Customer Survey

by FR5 | Jul 01, 2022

FirstRate5 v5.3.2b (3.21) is now available as a free download from Sustainability Victoria (SV) recommends that all users upgrade to this version.

This version includes a bug fix and a number of minor enhancements. Full details are available in the software release notes, which can be opened by clicking ‘Release Notes’ under the Help menu.

Below is a summary of key items included in FR5 v5.3.2b (3.21).

  •  Five new ceiling fan sizes have been added.
  • Functionality has been added on the Windows tab to allow users to hold shift and select/deselect all windows between two points.
  • A new default windows list named 'None' has been added. The 'None' list will be defaulted to when a window list is not already recorded in a user's profile settings file.
  • Fixed a windows list error that was causing intermittent calculation failures when project files were uploaded to the FirstRate5 website. This issue was only impacting files uploaded to the website and had no impact on files calculated locally.​​​

Current versions of FirstRate5

FR5 v5.3.2, FR5 v5.3.2a and FR5 v5.3.2b are all current versions of FirstRate5. Project files created in these software versions will continue to calculate automatically on the website.

FirstRate5 Customer Survey 2022

SV is conducting a survey to gather feedback on the FirstRate5 software and website and FirstRate5's technical support service for the last year. SV is particularly interested to receive feedback about the enhancements contained in the recent FR5 v5.4.0 Beta release.

Click here to commence the 2022 FR5 Customer Survey.

The results of this survey will be used to improve the FirstRate5 software and user support service.

The survey contains 27 questions and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey will remain open until Thursday 30th July 2022 (5pm). All responses will be collated and will not be attributed to an individual. Only anonymised data will be reported publicly and the information will be held in accordance with Sustainability Victoria's privacy statement.

SV appreciates users taking the time to fill out this survey.

For more information on FirstRate5 visit, submit a query through the online contact form or email [email protected]. ​

Note: It is the user’s responsibility to ensure certificates are produced with the appropriate version. If a user chooses to inappropriately use an earlier version of FR5 to produce a certificate, they run the risk that a Building Surveyor will reject the certificate leading to further certificate costs.

Note: Installation of minor releases involving a letter change, eg,  v5.3.2a to v5.3.2b, will by default overwrite the previous version, while major releases involving a number change, eg, v5.3.1 (3.21) to v5.3.2 (3.21), will by default install beside older versions. 

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