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FirstRate5® house energy rating software

FirstRate5® is an easy-to-use interactive tool with a graphic user interface that enables designers and thermal performance assessors to generate energy ratings for a home by tracing over floor plans. The software integrates the AccuRate calculation engine to estimate the annual heating and cooling energy and can be used to rate an existing design or as an interactive tool to optimise the design beyond compliance.

Latest news

FirstRate5 Whole-of-Home (v1.0.0)

by Jane McGlade-Smith | Dec 06, 2023

Sustainability Victoria is pleased to announce that FirstRate5 Whole-of-Home (v1.0.0) has achieved NatHERS Whole of Home accreditation. This means that the tool has meet the accuracy requirements set by the NatHERS Administrator and can generate a valid Whole of Home performance rating.          

Please note that FirstRate5 Whole-of-Home (v1.0.0) currently has the following limitations:

  • It cannot produce NatHERS Whole of Home Certificates.
  • It cannot model hot water solar PV diverter systems. The hot water module will be updated in the future to include this type of water heater. In the meantime users should use the default water heater specified in the NatHERS Technical Note if a hot water solar PV diverter system is specified in design documentation.

Next steps for public release

FirstRate5 Whole-of-Home (v1.0.0) is currently going through a round of user acceptance testing. Sustainability Victoria plans to publicly release the tool for non-commercial use in December 2023. A version that generates Whole of Home NatHERS Certificates will be released in early 2024.

Sustainability Victoria will email all registered FirstRate5 users once FirstRate5 Whole-of-Home (v1.0.0) is publicly released. 

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