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About FirstRate5

  • Who owns FirstRate5?

  • How much does FirstRate5 software cost?

  • How do I register to download and use the latest version of FirstRate5?

  • How much does it cost to produce a certificate?

  • What support does SV provide for FirstRate5?

  • What is the best way to send a query?

  • I would like help with a modelling query, who can help with this?

  • What system requirements are necessary for FirstRate5?

  • Does FirstRate5 work with Java9?

  • What do I do if FirstRate5 does not open?

Access to legacy versions of FirstRate5

  • Why do legacy versions not calculate automatically on the FR5 website?


  • How do I allow for a 'window' in an internal wall?

  • Why is the Save command disabled when I upgrade my earlier files?

  • How do I re-issue an invoice?

  • How do I simultaneously attach eaves to multiple walls?

  • Windows: Where can I learn how to use the new default windows?

  • Weather-stripping and insect screens: When can I turn on/off weather-stripping and insect screens?

  • Certificate: Why does the NCFA sometimes not equal the sum of the individual zone areas?

  • Group certificate: How do I produce a NatHERS Group Certificate for a multi-unit development?

  • Will installing a new version of FR5 overwrite older versions of the software on my machine?

  • What can I do if I am having memory issues or performance is slow?

  • Are your Project files too large (Above 15Mb) or Project file won’t save?

  • How do I complete the Declaration of Interest?

  • How do I remove / edit my NatHERS accreditation number?

  • How can I access a deleted file or a FR5 backup project file?

  • Certificate: Why does my preview certificate say "non-accredited"?

Online certificate generation system

  • What are the features of the certificate generation system?

  • How does the certificate generation system work?

  • Will there be a reduced fee based on the number of credits purchased?

  • Can I pay for the certificates that my employees/sub-contractors produce?

  • How do I know my credit card details will be secure?

  • Can I transfer FR5 Credits from one account to another?

 Guidance Notes

           01 Wall Builder + Upgrade v1.0
           02 Wall Builder Examples v1.0
           03 Floor Builder + Upgrade v1.0
           04 Floor Builder Examples v1.0

Instructional videos